Fashion trends 2023: What's worth adding to your wardrobe this year, according to experts

With a new year comes new fashion trends.

One week into 20223, insiders are already seeing several standouts that are sure to bubble up this season and beyond.

"Good Morning America" tapped style expert Jenee Naylor, creator of online community HighLowLuxxe, as well as fashion stylist and style expert Naina Singla to find out what specific trends are worth keeping an eye on and how to potentially add any to your wardrobe.

PHOTO: Jenee Naylor is a style expert and the creator of online community HighLowLuxxe. (Josh @byjoshd)
PHOTO: Jenee Naylor is a style expert and the creator of online community HighLowLuxxe. (Josh @byjoshd)

If you are struggling to style your winter wardrobe or figure out how to incorporate new trends, Naylor told "GMA" that finding inspiration on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest is key. She also mentioned the importance of understanding your personal style.

"Figuring out your personal style can unlock a lot of inner creativity," she said. "Again, Pinterest is a great tool that can help. Take some time to explore the app and focus on pinning outfits that you would wear at this very moment. Pay attention to what grabs your attention the most, and determine if there are any trends: a lot of blazers, a specific color, leather textures? This will give you a good basis on what you like, how to put looks together, and most importantly, what to shop for."

Singla suggests testing trends before completely attempting to commit to any. "Before you go out and buy trendy new pieces that may not fit your style, experiment with some of these trends with items that may already be in your wardrobe," she said.

Whether you're simply curious or ready to add some of the latest and greatest looks to your closet, Naylor and Singla have spotlighted several of the best new trends to looks forward to in 2023.

Just ahead, learn what they are and shop for your favorites.

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Foil metallics

"This trend is paying homage to one of my favorite fashion eras that ever was: the late '90s and early 2000s," said Naylor. "Between the futuristic chrome colors and the various foil-like textures and fabrics, metallics are definitely in this season. The right metallic piece, whether a leather jacket or over-the-knee boots, can truly add that 'casual but extra' feel to any outfit. Silver, in particular, is going to be getting its well deserved spotlight in 2023."

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"While leather isn't a new trend ... we are also seeing it in other types of outerwear and shoes as well," said Singla. "Some of the most popular items are biker style staples such as moto jackets, tall boots and leather pants from designers [like] Diesel and Alexander McQueen, as well as in Spring/Summer 2023 from designer Donatella Versace."

Singla's "outfit formula" styling tip: "One way to implement this approach is to choose a versatile piece like a leather jacket, as it pairs nicely with virtually everything in your wardrobe. My style concept of an 'outfit formula' is perfect for every season, as it's formulated with a combination of 3-4 pieces of high-quality clothing you can wear in different versions, curated together to form a polished look. This approach saves you time and money because you have less decisions to make with a more simplified and streamlined wardrobe."

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Maxi dressing

"Last winter, the mini skirt was the 'it girl' of 2022 trends. This year, the focus has shifted to the always practical and forever versatile maxi skirt," said Naylor.

She continued, "I personally love a good maxi because you can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Not to mention, this trend isn't necessarily confined to just one aesthetic. Whether your personal style is more minimalist, casual or even glam, the maxi skirt offers a little something for everyone."

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Sheer clothing

"Another trend that will remain popular into spring/summer 2023, is sheer clothing. It transitions easily from casual wear to work into weekend wear. It's a feminine style that adds a subtle hint of intrigue to any look," Singla said.

Singla's styling tip for sheer clothing: "One way to try this is to layer sheer long sleeve or short sleeve blouses over a cami or tank top. You could also try it underneath other layers, like paired with a leather jacket over top. There are a range of options to consider — from sheer dresses and skirts to long sleeve tops. One of my favorite ways is to pair a sheer bodysuit with high-waisted skinny jeans to dinner on the weekend. It's is an easy way to try this trend, without going all in."

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3D florals

"Designers are bringing their fashions to life this year with this bold, new innovative trend of 3D florals and I couldn't be more excited," said Naylor. "Think less in the traditional sense of your 'normal' decorative floral prints, and think more of abstract florals with texture, dimension and depth. From a cute choker necklace to a multidimensional blouse, the right 3D floral piece can really elevate your 'fit and add a fun, unique flare."

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Elevated basics

"A timeless trend that's always in style, is minimalism in the form of elevated basics," said Singla. "We will continue to see the '90s minimalism influence on everyday clothing, including basic jeans and tee shirts. One example of an elevated basic piece is this ribbed tank in white or black. This simple high-quality piece can easily be elevated when worn with sustainable investment pieces such as a pair of beautiful ballet flats or a gorgeous statement bag. Just add jeans and a classic tailored black blazer, and you have created a great go-to outfit formula that can go from day to night."

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