Enchanting ‘Beauty and the Beast’ wedding shoot will inspire Belle-themed brides

This "Beauty and the Beast"-themed wedding shoot will have fans falling in love with the classic tale all over again.

No enchanting detail was left out of this magical faux ceremony, from Belle’s famous yellow dress to teacups and books.

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The whimsical scene, shot at Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook, California, was created to inspire the inner Belle bride in everyone.

"I was inspired to do a 'Beauty and the Beast' wedding shoot when I got married years ago," photographer Raelyn Elizabeth told ABC News. "I looked for a princess wedding dress and was so excited to find one that reminded me of Belle. I had gone to Disneyland every year at Christmas time with my family growing up, and loved it. I even had the Disney soundtrack cassettes playing on loop in my room."

The gown used in the photo shoot, representing Belle’s yellow dress, is Elizabeth’s very own wedding gown that she dyed yellow.

"When I heard Disney was making a live action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie, I decided that was enough motivation for me to dye my own once-white wedding dress yellow," she said. "I used golden yellow and yellow orange dyes to create the ombre look. I dipped each layer in for a longer period of time, and I used a rag to wipe the dress and smooth the harsh dip lines."

All of the fairy tale’s classic characters and symbols were included in the shoot, from Lumiere the candelabra to Chip the teacup and Mrs. Potts the tea pot.

Elizabeth said through the elaborate Disney-inspired wedding shoots, she and her husband "are hoping to start a trend for all of the brides who grew up in the 90s and fell in love with the animated love stories Disney created."

The duo are also working on Tiana, Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Lion King, Mulan and Peter Pan-themed wedding shoots.

But pulling off such an extravagant, detail oriented Disney-themed shoot is no easy feat. Elizabeth worked with a magical team of talented vendors, including wedding designer and event planners Tiffany Baldwin and Stacy Everett, florist Alicia Yokota, baker and cake artist Perla R Guerrero, stationery designer Adriana Tacu, hair and makeup artist Domenica Prestininzi, jewelry designer Nicolina Alves, custom sign designer Sandee Fosberg and models KaitLynn Markley as Belle and Fabian Lopez as the Beast.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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