Emotional Reunion: Military Dad Surprises Daughter at School for the Deaf

One family had a good cry on Wednesday when a soldier surprised his teenage daughter after six months of being deployed.

Tech Sgt. David Opperman caught 13-year-old Amber off-guard when showed up at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in the midst of their Skype session.

"She's basically saying [in the video], 'I can't believe you're here. I missed you so much,'" mom Yvet Opperman said, translating her daughter's sign language. "Me, I was teary eyed. I almost couldn't control myself. It was an emotional day, overall."

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Yvet of Glenolden, Pennsylvania, told ABC News today that her husband David had been overseas since October.

The separation had been tough for her and their three children, she said.

"Especially for Amber being deaf -- that's her first actual separation that she's known of since she's been born," Yvet explained.

Since David was returning home, he and Yvet planned to surprise their youngest daughter as she was Skyping with her father at school.

"Amber thought she was going to be surprising dad by bringing me into the video," Yvet said. "In actuality, he was in the next room over -- waiting to come in. We turned the tables."

Yvet filmed David putting Amber on hold during their Skype chat. Moments later, Amber was in tears as she saw her dad walk into her classroom.

The pair exchanged multiple hugs and signed at each other.

"They just continued talking and we took her home early," Yvet said. "[David] was just happy to be home and back with the family."

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