Elton John and his family create adorable Halloween 'Crocodile Rock' TikTok

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Soon, Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" may not be the only No. 1 hit of the '70s to go viral on TikTok -- not if Elton John has anything to say about it.

In honor of Halloween, the music legend has created his own TikTok video in which he lip-syncs to his original 1972 recording of "Crocodile Rock" while dressed in a sparkly purple jacket, ruffled shirt, sunglasses and a huge pompadour wig.

As he sings, John plays a piano decorated with pumpkins, skulls, cobwebs and other creepy items.

When he gets to the part of the song that goes "La, la la la la la," his husband David Furnish and their sons Zachary and Elijah appear. Furnish is dressed in a replica of John's iconic sequinned Dodgers uniform -- which he wore 45 years ago for his shows at Dodgers Stadium -- while the boys are dressed as little crocodiles.

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Furnish reposted the video to Instagram with the caption, "Hallowe’en Crocodile Rocking with the F-J Family 🎃🐊"

So far, more than 50 additional videos have been created on TikTok using the "Crocodile Rock" clip from John's original video. In some, people are showing off their own costumes, while others are praising John's. One young woman declared, "This is the best TikTok ever created."

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All those streams add up, of course: That's how "Dreams" got to the top 20 of the Billboard charts for the first time since 1977.

Stay tuned to see if the same thing happens to "Crocodile Rock."

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