PHOTOS: Woman Turns Famous Artwork Into Edible Masterpieces

Ida Skivenes brings a new meaning to “playing with your food.”  Skivenes, a 29-year-old food enthusiast who lives in Oslo, Norway, makes edible masterpieces out of breakfast food, including her favorite meal to work with and eat: pancakes.

Skivenes started posting photos of her playful plates on Instagram in June 2012 and never imagined she’d gain a fan base.

“I could never have dreamed of getting this kind of attention,” said Skivenes, who has more than 112,000 followers on Instagram, @IdaFrosk at this writing. ”I just started on a whim and suddenly it just took off. … I’m just a regular girl who enjoys playing with food and sharing it as a hobby.”

Skivenes, who says food should be fun, tasty, and healthy, is coming out with a book, “Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts,” due to be published in October.