Driver Runs Up Against Tow Truck


A seemingly frustrated driver was caught on camera trying to escape the wrath of a tow truck.

A video captured by Katie Ramos in Orlando, Florida, shows the driver of an SUV repeatedly slamming on the gas to try to get his car out of the tow truck’s grasp.

"I had my 6-year-old with me, I took him for a haircut for school, and when I came out of the barbershop I saw the car being put on the truck," Ramos told ABC News. "I heard the man start screaming and cussing, [I] turned around and he jumped into the car and started to attempt to drive it off."

The one-minute video, filmed last Sunday, ends with the driver still attempting to break free, amid warnings from at least one other eyewitness.

“Dude, you’re tearing up your car, dude,” a man says in the background.