Donald Trump's 'Air Kiss' of Mike Pence Puts Spotlight on Political Smooching

Donald Trump’s attempted kiss of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, after Pence’s speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention, is drawing plenty of attention and comparisons to other awkward shows of affection at political conventions.

Trump seemed to attempt to kiss his running mate on the forehead while shaking his hand but Pence stopped him short, resulting in what’s being called an awkward “air kiss.” The move quickly drew its own hashtage, #airkiss, and its own Twitter account.

Normally, it is the kiss between political spouses at political conventions that draws headlines. Perhaps the most famous was when Al Gore broke with tradition by giving then-wife Tipper Gore a memorable, long-lasting kiss at the Democratic National Convention in 2000.

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Ted Cruz Booed for Failing to Endorse Donald Trump, Tells RNC to 'Vote Your Conscience'

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who received boos at the RNC Wednesday for not endorsing his former presidential rival, Trump, actually practiced how he would kiss his wife, Heidi Cruz, when preparing to announce his presidential candidacy last year.

“People are looking for presidential candidates they can relate to,” ABC News political contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson said. “For folks that have spouses, of course, there’s always been moments where things have gotten awkward.”

At this year’s RNC, Trump chose to give his wife, Melania Trump, an understated kiss on the cheek after her speech Monday night.

Pence gave his wife, Karen Pence, a hug and a kiss on stage at the RNC Wednesday.

All eyes will be on Hillary and Bill Clinton when they speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week.

At the 2000 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton embraced his wife with a simple peck on her hand.

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