Donald Trump to Pro-Trump Super PACs: Drop Dead

Donald Trump to Pro-Trump Super PACs: Drop Dead (ABC News)

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump wants the super PACs supporting his race for the White House to stop supporting him.

The Trump campaign said they sent letters to the nine known super PACs supporting Trump, stating in part, "We are providing this written notice that your organization is not authorized to use Mr. Trump’s name and likeness in connection with its fundraising activities, and we are formally disavowing such activities. Thus, given the invocation of Donald J. Trump in connection with your activities, we ask that you refund all funds received by you in connection with any fundraising undertaken to specifically support and/or done in the name of Donald J. Trump. ... The campaign has never received money from your PAC, nor does the campaign want any money, services or goods from your committee.”

In a statement, Trump said he is "self-funding my campaign and therefore I will not be controlled by the donors, special interests and lobbyists who have corrupted our politics and politicians for far too long.”

Trump added he is "calling on all Presidential candidates to do the same."

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Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported one of the super PACs, “Make America Great Again PAC,” had several connections to the Trump Organization, including receiving a list of potential supporters from a longtime Trump aide and the in-laws of Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka.

The Trump campaign said they will continue to accept unsolicited small donations, which thus far they say have averaged around $50.

During a speech in Las Vegas earlier this month, Trump said it’s those little donations he would feel wrong to turn back.

“We had a woman [donate] $7.59, what do you do? How can you send the money back. First of all it’s too expensive to send it back. It costs you more money to send it back. But we have these little funding -- and it is up, you know, it’s cute, it’s beautiful. They feel invested in your campaign," Trump said.

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