Domino's Workers Surprised With Trip to Las Vegas, 'Captain America' Tickets After Helping to Save Customer's Life

The Domino’s employees who called 911 and helped save a customer’s life after realizing he hadn’t ordered his “almost every evening” pizza in nearly two weeks were surprised today with a trip to Las Vegas and tickets to see “Captain America: Civil War.”

Sarah Fuller and Jenny Seiber were the manager and assistant manager, respectively, on duty Saturday night at a Domino’s near Salem, Oregon, when they realized their regular customer, Kirk Alexander, had not placed his online order.

The pair sent a Domino's delivery driver, Tracey Hamblen, to Alexander’s home.

“He went to Kirk’s house and the lights were on, the TV was going but no one was answering the door,” Fuller said today on “Good Morning America.” “He came back to the store and that’s when we went ahead and decided to place the 911 call.”

Audio of the 911 calls shows Hamblen telling the emergency dispatcher that Alexander had not ordered pizza in 11 days.

"Well, I need some help on what to do. It could be an emergency ... OK, this is Domino's Pizza and we have a customer that usually orders like every night from us. And he hasn't ordered in 11 days," Hamblen said on the call.

Fuller said Alexander places a pizza order “almost every evening,” sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight. When police got to Alexander’s home, they heard him yelling for help inside.

Alexander is now being treated at a hospital. Details about his exact condition have not been released but his friends at Domino’s said he is improving every day.

“The first day we saw him he was a little out of it, just yes and no questions, and then I went back on Monday and he was doing a lot better,” Seiber said. “We saw him yesterday and he had been moved to the rehabilitation center at the hospital and he was saying a little bit more.”

She added, “He’s still really tired but he seems to be doing a lot better and making a recovery.”

Fuller and Seiber were told on “GMA” that they, as real-life superheroes, will receive tickets to see superheroes in the big screen in “Captain America.”

They were also told for the first time that Domino’s plans to fly Fuller, Seiber and Hamblen to Las Vegas for the company’s next corporate rally.

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