Dog Balances Festive Objects on His Head for the Holidays

Humans aren’t the only ones who count down the twelve days of Christmas. It appears Jack, the 3-year-old Australian Cattle dog from San Francisco, does too. But instead of drummers drumming, pipers piping and partridges in a pear tree, Jack likes to stack festive objects on his head instead, such as a 2-pound ham, glasses of eggnog and rolls of wrapping paper. Jack’s owners realized his uncanny ability to stack things on his head while they were watching a movie one night and he was begging for a piece of popcorn. “We put a kernel on his nose and told him to ‘stay,’” they wrote on the dog’s Facebook page. “We then tried with other objects and found he would keep them balanced for minutes at a time.” Take a look at all the holiday-themed items Jack has mastered balancing this Christmas season.