Dine and Doze at IKEA's Breakfast in Bed Cafe in London

Dine and Doze at IKEA's Breakfast in Bed Cafe in London (ABC News)

Do you fancy breakfast in bed -- in public? Then head to London, where IKEA is opening a pop-up Breakfast in Bed Café.

The Swedish retailer will offer its Scandinavian classics and sleep-inducing teas in single and double beds for those inclined to recline with strangers.

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Customers can book a bed between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. for breakfast, and then from noon to 3 p.m., the beds will be reserved for 45-minute power naps.

According to the company, “specially trained waiting staff and sleep specialists” will be on hand to help you dine and doze. “Chilled out music” will play and IKEA’s expert “sleepologists” will offer tips on how to fall asleep. There’s even a pillow menu to choose from, with options designed to match the pillow of your preference

No word, though, on how often they change the sheets. Just saying.

To book a bed, email IKEAbreakfastinbed@hopeandglorypr.com with your preferred time of arrival.

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