Edible Dessert Art Inspired by Famous Artists

What started as a side project for freelance photographer and art lover Sarah Anne Ward has quickly captured the attention of dessert lovers everywhere. Ward recreates some of the world’s most recognizable pieces of art -- using only sweets. Pieces like Rice Krispies treats splattered with icing similar to a Jackson Pollock painting and JELL-O molds that mimic Piet Mondrian’s famous geometric “Composition” paintings are just two of her latest edible reproductions.

Ward, an art school graduate, teams up with food stylists to determine the best ways to replicate each work of art. “I love art history and collaboration. ...Sometimes I look at a cake, and it makes me think of a painting and how we can do this,” said Ward. “And the stylist can say there’s this kind of frosting or this kind of chocolate that does this.”

The best part is being able to eat their hard work after photographing. “We definitely want to make it so you can actually eat it ... and it’s recognizable,” she said.

Prints -- unfortunately for viewing only -- can be requested on her website. Upcoming artists include Alexander Calder, Salvador Dalí, Richard Serra, and Cindy Sherman.