Deputy Pulls Over Wife on the Road for One Sweet Pregnancy Surprise

One California couple, both deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, came up with a clever way to tell the world they’re pregnant by doing what they do best -- enforcing the law.

In this video now going viral, Mike Wigginton pretends to pull his wife De Anne over for a carpool lane violation before hilarity ensues.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right now. What are you doing?,” De Anne says on camera as her husband approaches.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” Mike replies. “I pulled you over to today for violation of California vehicle code 21-6-55. You know what that one is.”

After she explains that she’s actually not in violation of riding alone in the carpool lane, he asks for her license and registration, where it’s revealed that another person is indeed in the car with her. The proud parents hold up a sign that reads, “Baby Wigginton arriving September 2016.”

“I stand corrected,” Mike jokes.

The couple said they didn’t have the opportunity to announce the pregnancy of their first child in a creative way due to Mike’s deployment with the Marines, so they wanted to do something special this time.

“De Anne took the opportunity for our second and wrangled me into pretending to pull her over for a staged video,” Mike told ABC News of the sweet surprise. “[It was] intended as a fun, upbeat reveal for friends and family. If we got a smile out someone, great.”

Apparently they’re not the only ones excited about the new baby.

“Even more adorable is the video of big sister’s response,” said Mike. “We took her out to dinner and had a waitress bring her a sundae telling her, ‘I wanted to bring you a treat since I heard you are going to be a big sister.’ She was at first skeptical, then it sinks in and she says, ‘I’ve always dreamed for a baby!’ and ‘When are you going to get it?’ and ‘Now I don’t have to play alone anymore!’”

The pregnancy announcement video now has more than 330,000 views. The expecting parents do have one additional thing to note, however.

“Disclaimer: driving alone in the carpool lane IS a violation,” Mike explained. “This was intended to be fun and funny, not to mislead people into thinking you can drive pregnant in the carpool lane in California.”

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