Dad and Baby Boy Are Dubsmashing It out of the Park With This Year-Long Mashup

This talented baby might just have a future in Hollywood—or at least that’s what his father’s creative Dubsmash compilation video would have you believe.

Ever since 1-year-old Jack was born, his dad, Eric Bruce, has been capturing their silly moments together singing famous songs or recreating iconic movie scenes, and the result is pure magic.

Bruce’s clever YouTube video combining all their best Dubsmashes together was instant viral gold and now has nearly 55,000 views.

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But he admits the idea wasn’t originally his own.

“My sister-in-law was the original Dubsmasher,” the proud dad from Minneapolis told ABC News. “She lives with my wife and I and I walked into the kitchen one day and she was doing some crazy ‘Harry Potter’ one and I was like, ‘I gotta get on that.’ So then we started sending them back and forth as a family.”

The idea took off. Bruce and baby Jack put their talents to use mostly on weekends while his wife, Priscilla, was away working as a hair and makeup artist.

“His mom would be away working at the opera or a wedding and I’d be taking care of him,” he said of their father-son bonding time. “It was a thing we did on opposite schedules.”

After Priscilla posted one of their Adele Dubsmash videos to Facebook, “people started asking for more and more,” said Bruce. “She and I worked to patch them all together one night. It just took off and it’s been unreal. I’m so glad everyone’s enjoying it.”

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