Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Prove They're a Match Made in 1970s Heaven

Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Prove They're a Match Made in 1970s Heaven (ABC News)

This couple’s love is certainly a match made in awkward '70s heaven.

When it came to their engagement photos, Patricia Forrest, and her fiancé Andrew Ziroli, knew they “didn’t want the normal photos in a forest holding hands.”

Instead, they chose to go with a far more unconventional approach -- in a studio wearing gloriously awkward 1970s clothing from a thrift store.

“We knew we wanted to do something different,” Forrest, 30, told ABC News of her viral engagement pics. “It kind of just came to us once we found those outfits. We came home and put them on and looked at each other and started crying laughing.”

The Internet is laughing right along with them after one of their friends posted the photos to Imgur where they’ve gotten more than 10,000 views.

“It’s crazy,” Forrest, an industrial designer, said of their newfound fame. “It’s like overnight this all happened and I keep getting emails from friends. Even Zooey Deschanel posted this. It’s on her website.”

The fun-loving couple enlisted their photographer friend, Vic Vergara, to shoot the fun photos. He and Forrest know each other from her former days of being a sword swallower.

“She used to do fire eating and sword swallowing so I’ve taken pics of her doing that,” said Vergara, who is typically a fashion and editorial photographer but agreed to take the engagement photos because he knew they’d be willing to do something wacky.

“I said, ‘Let’s just play and do something different,’” he explained.

Mission accomplished.

Apparently, Forrest’s fiancé is usually the quiet, reserved one, but he had no problem getting into character for this camera.

“He hates getting his picture taken,” said Forrest. “I thought he would just close up and freeze up and it would just be horrible, but as soon as he put that mustache on he was method acting. He got into character and did not break from that persona for the whole shoot.”

Take a look at their 70s-inspired “far out” photo shoot, and a few “safe ones” to keep their parents happy, as well.

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