Couple Ties the Knot With Nightmarish Nuptials at Haunted House


One couple in New Hampshire tied the knot Monday with some very nightmarish nuptials.

The two haunted house actors, Melissa and Tom Cowern, had a wicked wedding at “Spooky World Presents Nightmare New England,” the horror attraction where they first met, although the bride didn’t realize that at the time. Tom was the first actor ever employed at the haunt, and apparently remembers scaring the daylights out of Melissa when she visited.

“I scared her when she went through the haunt, and a few months later, we met under normal circumstances and she’s like, ‘You work there? Some guy scared me,’” Tom told ABC affiliate WMUR of their terrifying first encounter. “And I just started laughing. I said, ‘Yeah, that was this guy.’”

And don’t be fooled by the groom’s vampire teeth. They’re not just a prop to make the first kiss more interesting — those are Tom’s actual teeth.

“Those are real teeth. They had to do a couple trials with length and placement,” Melissa told ABC News.

The bride herself was hauntingly beautiful in her killer white gown.

“I wanted to do something more traditional,” she explained. “My thought in my head was Morticia Addams, so I wanted something tight. Everyone else was wearing black so I still wanted to stand out with my white.”

Melissa's father, Jean Cote, was also appropriately dressed for the occasion, donning a Beetlejuice-inspired suit as he walked her down the aisle. And no Halloween-themed wedding would be complete without a little skeleton flower girl, a role the newlyweds’ 18-month-old daughter, Echo, was happy to play.

“I knew she was getting a red and black tutu made but I was like, ‘What are we going to put her in to keep her warm?,’” Melissa said. “So we put her in the skeleton costume because it was perfect.”

These two were certainly celebrating “Til Death Do Us Part” in spooky style.

Happy haunted ever after, you two!