Couple Married 76 Years Share Their 100th Birthdays Together

Couple Married 76 Years Share Their 100th Birthdays Together (ABC News)

They say true love stands the tests of time. And for Allan and Margaret Little, both 100 years old, time has certainly been on their side, making their bond that much sweeter.

Both of the Littles celebrated their centennial birthdays this year. Margaret was born on Aug. 6, 1915, and Allan on Nov. 12, 1915.

“I never thought about living to be 100, but good health got me here,” Margaret told ABC News in an email.

The senior living facility where the couple lives, Lakeshore Meadows in Nashville, Tennessee, threw Allan a big birthday party in honor of his huge milestone on Nov. 12, and of course his sweetheart gave him a special gift.

“Margaret gave me a beautiful baby blue sweater monogrammed with my initials,” said Allan.

But no material gift could compare to his favorite present of all -- getting “to share it with Margaret,” he said.

His wife couldn’t help but agree with him.

“I have to agree with Allan,” she said. “Allan makes everything special.”

Not to be outdone, however, Allan did indeed get her a gift for her birthday back in August as well, which happens to be just one day after their 76th wedding anniversary on Aug. 5. The two were marred in 1939.

“Allan gave me two dozen of red roses and a beautiful two-piece suit for church,” said Margaret.

The lovebirds have known each other nearly all their lives, meeting at church when they were just small children, however not dating until they were juniors in high school. The deal was sealed on their lives together when Margaret had a social gathering for her cousin who was visiting from out of town, whose boyfriend was unable to attend. Without missing a beat, Margaret invited Allan to the party to be her cousin’s date for the evening, but instead, it was Margaret and Allan who ended up hitting it off.

“Living with Margaret all these years was easy. It was natural,” Allan said of his adoring wife. “We lived a simple life with no controversy.”

“Allan and I lived our lives with mutual love and respect for each other; and he has always been a Godly man,” she replied.

Church has remained an integral part of their life and relationship, especially for Allan, as an accomplished song leader. He fondly remembers the days when their beloved church, Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ, “was the biggest church around.” One of his favorite memories was when their church rented a train for their entire congregation to travel to Leeville, Tennessee, just for a church picnic.

When asked what the key to their successful, happy marriage and long life together was, Margaret’s reply was simple.

“In one word, LOVE,” she said in an email. “We did not fuss. We also respected each other.”

Allan’s answer was just as straightforward.

“I married the right woman,” he said.

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