Community Helps 10-Year-Old Boy Mowing Lawns to Pay for School Supplies


One 10-year-old is receiving help from community members after starting his own business mowing lawns to pay for his school supplies.

Tyran Bell of Wilmington, North Carolina, began offering yard work to neighbors after realizing his family was having financial difficulties.

"He said, 'Mom I want to mow grass to help you out, so I can get my own school supplies,'" Tyran's mother, Tara Lewis, told ABC News. "I think it was very sweet. Tyran is a good boy. We never thought it would have gotten this big just by him wanting to help me out."

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Lewis helped her son advertise his lawn-mowing service in a neighborhood Facebook group.

Wilmington resident and A1 Security Services owner, Theresa Babb, said she read Tyran's heartwarming post.

"We have 100-degree days with really high humidity and he's 10 years old, out there mowing grass," she said. "I copied the link and I went to every webpage I could find or local news station or radio station and I put it on there for anyone that would want to donate -- not only for him, but for other kids too."

Babb volunteered her office space to collect school supplies, clothing and lawn equipment for Tyran. She has also received items for Tyran's brother Jhamir, 14, as well as other children in need.

“It’s well worth the work that has gone into it,” Babb said. “If it wasn’t for [Tyran], other kids wouldn’t be getting help too."

She added: "He's a pretty busy little fellow now. Now with his new lawn equipment, he's a real entrepreneur."

Although he'll be receiving his school supplies, Tyran, who starts fifth grade this month, wishes to continue to his lawn-mowing service that he enjoys so much.

"He likes doing his yard work," Lewis said of her son. "When he goes and mows grass and I'm helping him, he's my boss then."