Christmas Lights So Elaborate Even Santa Would Be Proud


One family in San Antonio, Texas, takes their annual Christmas light display so seriously that even Santa would be proud.

The Johnson family was featured on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight” special last year, and this year they’re certainly keeping the over-the-top tradition alive.

The full festive show is 11 minutes long and is set to a custom soundtrack of Dubstep, EDM and hip-hop music to make it feel like a real dance party. There are even portions of holiday movie clips and voice-overs of the children in the Johnson family included.

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“Even the lights are not traditional,” the family explains on their YouTube video. “We use Pixels which are similar to what you would see in a stadium Jumbotron. Each pixel can be controlled individually and set to any color and intensity. This means many more effects than what can be done with Christmas lights.”

The Pixel lights also save the Johnsons money on their electricity bill.

“My show is EXTREMELY energy efficient,” Matt Johnson explained. “How efficient? The whole show requires HALF the power required to run a standard household hair dryer!”

The family is also hoping their elaborate light display can help raise money for a good cause. They’re asking for donations from their viewers to go toward building a well for a village in Africa to have clean water.

All these delightful bright lights are certainly one way to get into the holiday spirit.