Chris Pratt Reveals Actors Used to Hit on His Wife in Front of Him

Chris Pratt Reveals Actors Used to Hit on His Wife in Front of Him (ABC News)

Before blockbuster hit films such as "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie," Chris Pratt wasn't necessarily a household name.

Instead, he was known as the husband of actress Anna Faris. Those times were tough on him, he admitted.

"I’ve had those moments where I was like the guy holding the purse at events and people just looked right through me," he revealed in the June issue of GQ magazine. "And, you know, actors come up and just blatantly hit on my wife in front of me and don’t even look at me. I’m like ‘What the f***, dude?’ I can think of exactly who they are, too, and I hope they f****** audition for 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'"

Before landing that role and slimming down, Pratt starred in the TV comedy, "Parks and Recreation."

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"I think outwardly I was having more fun," the actor said of his days when he wasn't worried about his physique. "I was more fun to be around, probably. That image that I was casting, to convince people that I was OK, was a really fun person to hang around. Now I have less fun. I focus more. [Anna] doesn’t get to cook for me the way she used to. I was like a great pet, fat guy."

"I think Anna is hedging her bets that one day I’ll be fat again, and she’ll say, 'Remember, honey, I always told you I preferred you this way,'" Pratt quipped.

Pratt also discussed in the men's magazine whether he and Faris plan to have more kids. They're already parents to 2-year-old Jack.

"He was premature, and Anna’s 38, so the idea of going through that again -- that was tough," he admitted, before adding that the two are considering "whether we have kids or potentially have a surrogate or adopt kids."

Pratt will next be seen on the big screen in "Jurassic World," out June 12.

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