Chipotle Restaurant Closed After Workers Become Sick

Chipotle Restaurant Closed After Workers Become Sick (ABC News)

A Massachusetts Chipotle restaurant has voluntarily shut down after four employees became ill, possibly with the norovirus.

In a statement, a Chipotle spokesman said the restaurant would undergo a "full sanitization" and that no customers have been reported sick.

"After learning that four of our employees were not feeling well, our restaurant in Billerica, Mass. was closed for a full sanitization," a Chipotle spokesman told ABC News. "We do not know if the employees are ill with norovirus and no customers illnesses are connected to this restaurant. Any employees who reported feeling ill will be tested and held out of the restaurant until they fully recover."

The restaurant chain implemented new safety procedures last year after dealing with multiple food-borne outbreaks including multiple E.coli and norovirus outbreaks.

The new safety measures include testing fresh produce with DNA-based tests, end-of-shelf-life testing to ensure ingredients are safe throughout their shelf life, while also looking to improve the supply chain by measuring performance data of vendors and suppliers, and enhancing employee training in food safety and handling.