Cat With Cancer Strikes a Super Sassy Pose

This cat isn’t letting leukemia slow her sassy self down. Her name is Hummus and she certainly knows how to work it for the camera, wearing some of the most sophisticated, fabulous feline outfits we’ve ever seen. Her owner, Jason McGroarty, a photographer from Donegal, Ireland, turned to Hummus when he started taking fashion shots but didn’t have access to models, makeup, studios and stylists all the time. “[I] did what any normal person would do,” he told ABC News. “I dressed my cat up like a total fashion diva and started taking awesome fashion portraits!” And Hummus loves all the attention because, due to her illness, she was no longer able to play outside with other cats. “She is the best model to work with, however she does have demands,” said McGroarty. “Copious amounts of cat treats, in fact.” Take a look at Hummus’ purr-fectly fabulous photos.

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