Cat Rescued After 4 Days on High Voltage Power Pole in Canada

A cat named Miss Kitty who got stuck 60 feet in the air for four days is safely back on solid ground now after quite an ordeal.

Her owner, Bill Backhall, of Princeton, British Columbia, Canada, tried coaxing her down from the high voltage power pole that she had managed to climb atop. The power lines carry 138,000 volts of electricity.

Missy Kitty wouldn’t budge, meowing as vultures hovered nearby.

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Backhall believes the 1-year-old tabby was scared by another cat in the area and scaled the pole to escape.

Worried neighbors even surrounded the bottom of the pole with mattresses in case the cat fell.

After pleas on social media using the hashtag #savetheprinctonbccat, workers from BC Hydro made the three-hour drive to bring in special equipment to save the day.

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