California couple welcomes baby during Uber ride to the hospital

A California couple’s Uber ride took an unexpected turn Friday night after a woman gave birth inside the car.

Niv Davidovich told ABC News that minutes after entering the backseat of the car, his wife, Erica, gave birth to a son.

“Everyone is telling us to name the baby Uber,” Niv Davidovich joked. “But we can’t do that -- as much fun as it would be."

Davidovich, 37, a father of three, said that the couple was at home lighting candles for Shabbat when Erica began to experience strong contractions. Because Davidovich and his wife do not drive while observing the Sabbath, he said he called an Uber to bring them to the hospital. He also wanted to be able to comfort Erica in the backseat, he added.

"We got a minute out onto the road and by that point, she said, 'Call 911. I think the baby is coming right now,'" Davidovich recalled. "We got one block and she said, 'My water broke.'"

"The driver was doing everything he could. He was running red lights, basically trying to get there as quick as possible," he added.

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PHOTO: Erica Davidovich, 31, of Valley Village, California, welcomed a baby boy on July 14 inside an Uber car. (KABC)
PHOTO: Erica Davidovich, 31, of Valley Village, California, welcomed a baby boy on July 14 inside an Uber car. (KABC)

Davidovich dialed 911 and the driver, Raymond Telles, remained on the phone with the police dispatcher.

Soon after, at 8:43 p.m., Telles pulled over in front of a grocery story on West Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks, and Erica gave birth to a baby boy.

Erica, 31, and her son, who weighed 6 pounds, 12.5 ounces, were transported to Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.

"The driver happened to have a big old white towel sitting there," Davidovich said. "I grabbed the towel and covered the baby. He was still on the phone with 911 getting paramedics to come. He pretty much spoke to 911 the whole time. He was amazing."

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed on their Facebook page that the Uber driver was the primary assistant in "the successful delivery of a newborn in the vehicle."

An Uber spokesman confirmed Telles was the driver who assisted in the delivery of the Davidovich's baby.

Telles did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.

Baby Davidovich joins big sisters Chana, 5, Rivka, 3 and Elisheva, 1. The baby's name is not being shared for religious reasons, Davidovich said.

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