Boy fighting cancer travels to treatment in first-ever helicopter ride

A 9-year-old boy fighting bone cancer arrived at his treatment in style on Tuesday.

Along with his mother, Beckett Wyatt landed on the roof of VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, after his first-ever helicopter ride.

"He absolutely loved it," mom Kymmie Wyatt of Midlothian, Virginia, told ABC News. "As soon as we got in the air, he asked me a bunch of times if I was OK ... it was so cute. He said that's probably the best thing he's ever done."


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In June 2016, Beckett was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

And although he's been in and out of treatments, Kymmie Wyatt said her son, who makes doctors laugh with his Donald Trump impression, never lets his sickness get him down.

"He pushed through it and he loves when he's able to encourage other kids," Wyatt said. "It has never occurred to him once that he will not beat this. He brings his Nerf guns to and from the hospital and shoots the doctors and nurses. When he walks into the clinic, no one will not notice he's there. He has a lot of personality."

To make his Tuesday trip to treatment a little more fun, Wyatt said a classmate's mom contacted Whit Baldwin, president of HeloAir in Sandston, Virginia, and the two organized for the boy to fly by helicopter.

"Beckett's story brings to light the beauty of human nature, that in the face of adversity we band together to bring love, joy and support to a child and their family," Beckett's physician, Megan R. Lyle, said in a statement to ABC News. "The journey through childhood cancer is about much more than radiation treatments, clinic visits and chemotherapy. It’s the individuals and organizations throughout the state of Virginia, and from New York to Florida, who have stepped in to support and encourage Beck and his family."

With his classmates cheering him on, Beckett took off from the Midlothian Family YMCA’s soccer field. He enjoyed seeing the Richmond city skyline and flying over his elementary school, his mother said.

Wyatt hopes to give Beckett more memorable experiences. She said, "We're taking trips, going on adventures and giving him some crazy fun."

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