Boy Battling Cancer Proposes to His Favorite Nurse

A California nurse made one little boy's day after she accepted his hospital "proposal."

"Its really good to see [the video] out there and we’ve really gotten some positive feedback," dad AJ Robinson of Canyon Lake, California told ABC News. "People are saying it's inspirational and it helps us stay positive for him. Even though you’re going through [something] you can still have fun."

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Robinson, 43, said his son, Gideon, 5, was diagnosed with leukemia on Nov. 17, 2015.

Gideon was then sent to Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego for chemotherapy, where he met his favorite nurse, Sarah Richards.

"He got a bond with her," Robinson said. "She was really sweet to him. She'd bring him all the Legos, so he totally liked her. She knew how to spoil him. We can't say enough about the doctors and nurses there."

Robinson said that Gideon got the idea to ask Nurse Sarah to "marry" him after finding out she didn't have a husband.

Then, on Jan. 27, Gideon made a ring out of a bead and pipe cleaner and presented it to her in front hospital staff, his father said.

"She agreed and she said, 'Of course, you can be my hospital husband,'" Robinson recalled. "She was totally happy about that."

Robinson shot the sweet exchange on video and his wife posted it onto Gideon's Facebook page titled "The Adventures of Iron Gideon."

It has since received over 120,0000 views.

"It's always fun to make our patients smile no matter what they have in mind," nurse Sarah Richards, 30, told ABC News. "He's [Gideon] super cute. He's a fun little kid. He always likes to make the best of the situation he's in and always has a smile on his face."