Watch: Pomeranian Puppy Takes On Broccoli

We all know kids who throw tantrums when they have to eat vegetables, but what about dogs? A seven-week-old Pomeranian puppy's reaction to a piece of broccoli seems to take the cake.

Rocky the dog doesn't know what to do when the vegetable rolls in front of him. Head for the hills? Attack?

He runs up to sniff it, but something scares him. He then keeps circling around the suspicious veggie and barking as if he's under attack. It's priceless and all caught on camera.

"My mother-in-law was washing broccoli at the kitchen sink for dinner when a piece flew onto the floor," said Cindy Cohen, who posted video of her mother-in-law's pooch on YouTube.  "The puppy ...  refused to let his nose get close enough to sniff. The puppy had never barked before in his life, so this is his first bark.  He still doesn't bark much, and to this day he still reacts the same [way] to broccoli."

Rocky has been introduced to other vegetables, according to his owner, but he only gets angry at broccoli.