Washington Firefighters Rescue Paratroopers Stuck in Trees

ABC News

What do you do when the very men and women trained to parachute to the aid during emergencies find themselves stuck in a tree and in need of rescue?

Call the local firefighters.

That's what happened at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Army base in Thurston County, Wash., on Thursday, when two paratroopers in the midst of a training exercise were blown into trees by heavy winds, the Associated Press reports.

One paratrooper was pulled to safety by the base's fire department, but when the department did not have a ladder high enough to reach the second trooper, a woman who was stuck 75-feet above the ground, they called on the local fire department to help.

"Basically, she was suspended from her chute,"  firefighter Adam Tumblin, from the nearby Lacey Fire District Three who rescued the woman, told the Associated Press. "We were able to shoot the ladder in underneath her and basically just pick her up."

The female paratrooper was entangled in the tree for an hour before she was rescued, according to the Associated Press.

A Lewis-McChord spokesman confirmed that neither trooper was seriously hurt in the incident, adding the base is "just very thankful" to the local fire crew that came to their aid.