Third Airline Adds Carry-On Bag Fee

In a trend that seems to be going nowhere good for air travelers, a third airline has decided to charge for carry on bags.

The airline, Wizz, is a low-cost carrier based at London's Luton Airport. As of Oct. 24, the only free carry-on is a bag that can fit under the seat in front of you. Anything larger will cost 10 euros, or about $13.

The airline's website said the reason for the change was to "encourage passengers to bring smaller baggage on board and make the boarding process smoother and faster."

The carrier flies from London to Central and Eastern Europe.

Wizz's policy is similar to that of U.S.-carrier Spirit Airlines. The carrier also charges for carry-on luggage. The cost as of Nov. 6 is as much as $100 each way, depending how far in advance the passenger pays. (Passengers who do not pay prior to boarding the flight will be subject to the $100 charge).

Allegiant Airlines, also a Las Vegas-based carrier, began charging for carry-on bags in April. The cost is $10 to $30 and is route-specific.