Rowdy Crowd Gets 'Jesus' Lookalike Thrown Out

There was little love for " Jesus" at a professional darts tournament in Somerset, England.

Nathan Grindal, who has long hair and a full beard, was sitting in the crowd at the Cash Converters Players Championships finals at Butlins Minehead resort when some nearby spectators who believed he resembled popular depictions of Jesus Christ began to chant, "Jesus! Jesus!"

According to a report in This is Somerset, a newspaper that covers the area, the chanting spread among the 5,000-or-so spectators who had gathered to watch Phil Taylor and Kim Huybrechts battle it out in the tournament finals that were being televised live.

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Fearing Taylor and Huybrechts would become distracted by the reaction to the 33-year-old Grindal, organizers asked him to leave.

YouTube video of the Dec. 2 event shows uniformed men escorting Grindal out of the venue. As he leaves, the crowd begins to clap and shout, "Stand up if you love Jesus!" in booming tones.

Grindal was reportedly taken to a nearby bar, where he watched the final on television.

Speaking on Wednesday, Grindal said he felt bullied that night.

"I didn't go to the darts dressed as Jesus - I went as me," Grindal said, according to This is Somerset. "It was all very weird and distressing. I didn't break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught.

"I love darts, but I'm worried about ever going to see it live again, just in case the crowd turns on me like they did last time," he added.