Romney Merchandise Priced to Sell

Romney Merchandise Priced to Sell (ABC News)

What's a retailer to do with merchandise branded to support a failed presidential candidate? Put it on clearance.

ABC News' Jake Tapper snapped this photo of Romney gifts next to the Christmas decorations at Reagan National Airport Monday.

On the Internet, business owners are dropping prices to unload the Romney items as well.

The "America!" store, which has a location in Union Station and Reagan National Airport among others, had a clearance section of its online shopping full of Romney/Ryan memorabilia Monday morning. All of it was 75 percent off, putting Romney magnets and buttons below a dollar and a "Repeal & Replace" t-shirt, referencing the Republican plan to oust President Obama's health care law, for less than five bucks.

Wal-Mart's website offered a 35 percent discount on both Romney's books.

Artist-designed garment website CafePress makes merchandise on an as-ordered basis, so they don't have to worry about dumping an overload of Romney/Ryan products.

That's lucky for them, because sales for Romney products began declining in late October and had not caught up with Obama sales since. Throughout the election Obama and Romney were neck-and-neck on CafePress, but for most of November, Romney merchandise made up only between 10 and 30 percent of candidate-focused spending on the site.

The Romney campaign's website offered no great deals - with t-shirts still ranging from $20.12 (for a toddler) to $45 - but "for a limited time" pro-Romney holdouts could have their purchases shipped for free.