Popular Pomeranian's Website, 'Sammy and the City,' at Center of Lawsuit

Sammy is a Pomeranian with a huge Internet following to the website detailing his exploits all across New York City.

But just who owns that website - - is the bone of contention in a $500,000 court case between exes.

When Sammy's owner, Scott Smith, and Anna Camara broke off their relationship, Camara stole the website, Smith alleges in his lawsuit, according to a Monday report in the New York Post that cited court papers.

The popular website - created last year by Smith, his sister, Jessica, and Camara - features photos of the very photogenic Sammy posing at numerous New York City landmarks, including Central Park, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge.


Even though Smith and ex-girlfriend Camara broke up last year, they continued to work on the site together, until Camara tried to register the site and trademark the name on her own, the Manhattan man told the Post.

In his lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan last week, Smith alleged that Camara changed the site's password, preventing him from adding new information there, and even took his iPad to change the relevant passwords and delete content.

"Anna's a brilliant photographer; what she lacks is business ethics," Smith said.

Camara denied the allegations and says she has not seen any lawsuit and that there is no money to fight over.

"Truth is, it never made a dime," Camara said in a statement. "No offers were ever made."

The situation has gotten so sticky that he admits he got into a scuffle - earning a petty larceny charge in April - when he tried to snatch Camara's iPhone to retrieve the new passwords to the website, Smith also told the Post.

He says he's now posting pictures of his dog on the website

This is just the latest case in legal battles involves beloved pets.

In May, Craig Dershowitz accused his ex-girlfriend of dognapping his beloved puggle named Knuckles.

He claims his ex-girlfriend was taking care of Knuckles while he was looking for a new place to live after their breakup, according to the petition Dershowitz created for people to donate to the "rescue knux" cause.

But when he returned for the pooch, the ex, whom he portrays as the villainess Cruella de Vil in a video on the site, had left New York and was on her way to California, taking Knuckles with her.

His appeal, located at, generated $5,071 in donations, falling far short of the $20,000 goal that had been set. Dershowtiz says on the site that he has spent more than $30,000 in legal fees and owes at least $25,000 more.