Panda Cub Opens Eyes at San Diego Zoo

Take a look at this adorable cub, who is one of the newest additions to the San Diego Zoo.

The 47-day-old is just starting to open his eyes, which is right on schedule for being less than 50 days old. The entire eye-opening process can take around three weeks to complete. It's the sixth panda cub born at the zoo under a 12-year agreement with China that included the loan of two giant pandas.

The newest panda doesn't have a name just yet. It's Chinese tradition to wait 100 days before naming newborns. But you can actually help take part in giving the little guy an identity. The zoo will start taking suggestions to name this fuzzy little creature on its website Monday. Start thinking fast, though. The zoo is only accepting submissions until Sept. 24.

The panda's mother, Bai Yun, gave birth to the baby on July 29. San Diego Zoo bear researcher, Suzanne Hall, has kept blog posts tracking the panda's birth and growth. When he was born Hall wrote, "At 2:10 p.m., with a loud squawk, a baby panda made its way into the world! Bai Yun was in a seated position when the cub emerged, and it never even touched the ground before she had it in her embrace."

The cub now weighs a healthy 4 pounds and is a little more than 16 inches long. In Hall's latest blog post from Sept. 12, she lovingly compares the baby panda to a sausage. "Our staff managed to get their hands on the little guy in the den this morning. With an abdominal girth of 12 inches (30.5 centimeters), and a length of 16 inches (41.5 centimeters), you can understand why he reminds me of a sausage: he's nearly as big around as he is long!" she said.

To watch the baby panda's latest veterinary exam, click here.