Padded Underpants Can Give You Pippa Middleton’s Shapely Derriere

Padded Underpants Can Give You Pippa Middleton’s Shapely Derriere (ABC News)

ABC News’ Andrea Canning reports:

Dolly Parton cleavage is legendary, and actor Mark Wahlberg became a sex symbol for his rock-hard abs. Now, another set of assets is taking center stage: Pippa Middleton’s rear.

The famous sister of Britain’s Kate Middleton now has the most talked-about derriere in the world, more talked about than even those famous posteriors of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, singer/actress Beyonce and reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

“It’s not about the size, it’s the perk factor. She has that beautiful lift. It just looks so perky, it’s like a little peach,” Lori Bergamotto of Lucky Magazine told “Good Morning America.”

This peach has become the apple of everyone’s eye. Pippa Middleton’s rear is so popular that people will do virtually anything to get it, including special workouts and cosmetic surgery.

But if going under the knife isn’t for you, all is not lost. The latest craze in body enhancements is padded underpants, garments that are designed to give lift and add curves in all the right places.  Several stores, including Frederick’s of Hollywood, are getting in on the craze.

Feel Foxy, a Texas-based mail order company, has even named one of its perky padded underpants “The Pippa.”

“During the royal wedding the phone starts ringing off the hook. ‘I want a butt like Pippa. Please can you make that happen for me,’ and we can,” Jessica Asmar of Feel Foxy told “GMA.”

Feel Foxy provides its clients,  who range in age from 18 to 81 years old, with an array of fake booties. “The Pippa” adds lift and one-half inch of removable foam padding. “The Beyonce” adds two extra inches of padding in the shape of a pre-formed derriere.

“I get a lot of calls from women who literally say ‘thank you … you know, I have no butt and now I have one because of these items.’ It makes them feel more confident in what they wear, how they look, in going out in there day to day,” said Courtney Creekmore, also of Feel Foxy.

The panties aren’t the only products giving such support. There are also jeans that can do the trick.

“Now it’s all about the booty. The reason for that is skinny jeans, leggings, pencil skirts. All of these different fashions have informed this whole industry that, hey, ladies you’d better perk up that bottom,” Bergamotto, of Lucky magazine, said.

Meagon Fiengo, 30, wears Feel Foxy’s top seller, “The J. Lo,” which are pads made of silicone for the look and feel of a real bottom.

“It’s something just fun for me,” she said. “It’s something to spice up an outfit, and more than anything it gives me confidence.”

“GMA” asked her what kind of reaction she got from men.

“From what my friends say, ‘that guy just checked you out,’” Fiengo replied.

The enhanced garments may turn heads, but what happens when the clothes come off?

“I think I have enough behind to satisfy but I would … if I met a guy and he was attracted to the behind, the next time I met him I wouldn’t wear it again,” Fiengo said.