Oklahoma Soldier Jumps Out of Box In Christmas Surprise For Her Family

Christmas came exactly 20 days early for one Oklahoma military family Monday when a giant, wrapped box was delivered to their front door.

Hiding inside the box addressed to Okmulgee, Okla., resident Kevin Gaines and his three children was no ordinary present, but Kevin's wife and the children's mom, Sgt. Jamee Gaines.


Sergeant Gaines had spent the past six months deployed in Afghanistan to fulfill her duties with the Oklahoma National Guard.

When she learned she would have a break around the holiday, she reached out to the town's Calvary Baptist Church to coordinate a surprise.

The church came to the family's home Monday night to spread the Christmas spirit with food, Christmas carols and gifts.


The biggest gift was the one that contained the biggest surprise of all.

"We brought a present," explains one church volunteer, in video of the scene captured on camera.  "You'll have to be real gentle with it because it's a mean animal sometimes. Hasn't been seen over here in six months in the U.S., so you have to be real careful whenever you open it ok, ok everybody at the same time, you gotta open it."

As the kids tear open the gift wrap, their mom, Sergeant Gaines, pops out.

As she springs from the box, her shocked husband and kids can be heard screaming, "Oh baby! Oh my god! Mommy!!!!!!!"

Sergeant Gaines will be home with her family in Oklahoma for the next two weeks before she has to again report to Afghanistan.  Her National Guard unit is scheduled to return back home, for good, in March.