Mystery Man Spells Out Heartbreak on His Van

In an age of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube videos, one man took an old-fashioned approach to making an appeal for love, spelling out his heart on the side of his van.

"Linda, I'm sorry," the message, written in bright orange capital letters on the side of a silver VW van, begins.

The man, whose identity remains a mystery, must have done something wrong because his love plea turns into an apology, asking Linda to "please come home and put this right."

The forlorn, but creative, plea ends with a bit of hope, in the form of a marriage proposal, with a "Will you marry me?" question right above the van's rear wheels.

The van was parked outside a busy industrial estate outside Shildon, County Durham, in the U.K., the Press Association reports. While there is no word on how this love story ends, the van itself has become a tourist attraction on its own.

British press report that traffic backed up outside the estate as drivers slowed down for a better look or even stopped to take a picture.

The van also caused commotion among the men and women who work at the estate with speculation over who the man and Linda could be and what the man may have done to warrant such a measure.

"When I saw it on my way into work this morning, I thought it was quite good. It's definitely a new way of saying sorry," Harvey Jayne, an estate worker, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "He's got to have done something very wrong."