Momo the Disappearing Dog Is Real-Life Version of 'Where's Waldo'

If you've ever wished the popular children's book character of "Where's Waldo?" had a real-life version of his pet dog, Woof, hiding with him among the masses of crowds, look no further.

Momo, the 4-year-old black-and-white border collie from northern Ontario doesn't exactly hide in crowds but instead is camouflaged by his rural and often snowy surroundings in a series of photos that are quickly captivating the Internet.

To Try to Find Momo in More Photos, Click Here

It all started when Momo's owner, Andrew Knapp, a 30-year-old graphic designer, noticed how hidden his dog would become in the woods while playing fetch.


"I'm about to throw a stick and he runs into the woods waiting for me to throw it, and he becomes really still, just like another object in the forest," Knapp told "And I look for him, and sometimes I can't find him."

So social-media-savvy Knapp started to take photos on his iPhone of the dog disappearing in the distance and immediately upload them to Instagram for his followers' enjoyment.

"Instagram was a really nice way to do this because it's instantaneous. Then I started finding spots in urban landscapes that would be good for it too," Knapp said. "So whenever I'm walking him, I'm always on and looking for a spot. But then I realized that not looking is the best way to find them.

"The plan was to make a little book for my niece and nephew for Christmas. I was tired of buying them big things they didn't need, so instead, I made them something they didn't need. They loved it. I made some extras for some friends, and they loved it."

And from there, Knapp's photos, which he aptly named "Find Momo," took off. He starting tweeting the disappearing dog pictures with the hashtag #findmomo, and also created a website,, which has garnered quite a bit of attention.

"It started as a little thing for my nieces and nephew and turned into this hashtag project that's bigger than I anticipated. I want to make more books for sure. It makes people smile," Knapp said. "I'm very pleasantly surprised. It's fantastic. He's an adorable dog, and I want people to remember him."

When asked if Momo had started taking on diva airs with all this newfound attention, Knapp jokingly replied, "He hasn't snubbed me yet. He still sleeps on the foot the bed. He hasn't found a better room or bigger bed yet."