Middle-School Love Letter Displayed at Wedding 22 Years Later

What started innocently enough as a sixth-grade boy's plea for the girl of his dreams to meet him at the end of the hall after school ended up with that girl eventually meeting him down the aisle 22 years later.

When Cathy and Trevor Webb, of Pensacola, Fla., said their "I do's" on Oct. 20, their guests got to view a special piece of history the middle- schoolers had shared. A rather persistent love letter Trevor had written to Cathy in 1990 at Ferry Mass Middle School was proudly on display, proving the couple's love had been two decades in the making.

Written in all caps at the top was an oh-so-serious "DON'T LET ANYONE SEE THIS," which was immediately followed by Trevor's more anxious tone urging Cathy to decide which boy, he or Brad, she was going to choose to date.

The note reads, "Dear Cathy, I still like you and I still want you to go with me. I know Brad likes you. Please decide who you're going to go with. Think hard and let me know your decision. I'll be standing at the end of this hall and the beginning of the other hall. Meet me there as soon as school's out and you can tell me. Sincerely, Trevor."


Cathy did meet him at the end of the hall that day, but despite his efforts, their sixth-grade romance was short-lived.

"He sent me that note and I ended up meeting him at the hallway and we went out for two weeks," Cathy, 32, told "We called it 'going out' back then. I think we went to an Addams Family movie, and I brought a friend with me. He never lets me live that down."

Trevor also never lets Cathy live down the fact that after only two weeks, she broke his heart by dumping him for another guy. But as time went on, although the pair wasn't dating, they remained close as "just friends."

"We actually went to the same high school and remained best friends through high school," Cathy said.

But they went their separate ways for college. Trevor attended University of Florida, and Cathy headed to East Carolina University. Upon graduation, she moved to University of Florida for grad school just as he was moving away to New Orleans.

"Then Katrina hit and he moved back to Pensacola. And I got a job back in Pensacola around the same time," Cathy said. "He was dating a different girl, and I was getting jealous. It was weird, because he was always such a close friend.

"One night we were just hanging out at the beach. Then all of a sudden we kissed, and it's just been me and him ever since."

The couple's relationship finally came full circle when Trevor took to a knee to propose during one of Cathy's roller derby practices at Dreamland Skate Center, the exact same skating rink where he had given her a $40 gold ring 20 years earlier.

"He gave me a little ring at Dreamland Skate Center. It's been in business for years, and we all used to go there on Saturdays. He gave me a ring there, and when we broke up, I gave it back to him," Cathy explained. "He was so mad he threw it in a pond behind his house. It was $40, too, which is a lot for a little sixth grader."

But Trevor eventually got over his anger and devised a plan to replace the old gold ring with a much more permanent one.

"I started playing roller derby, and at one of our practices he showed up and surprised me. He had gotten all my teammates involved. We were stretching, and all the lights went out and our song came on," said Cathy. "He came out in a white tux with tails and the brown rental skates. They had me stand in the middle while my teammates were skating around the outside with glow sticks. He got down on a knee and had the new ring. It was really a special moment. I'll never forget that night."

The rest, as they say, is history, until their wedding photographer, Aislinn Kate Rehwinkel, posted a picture of the middle-school love letter on her Facebook fan page.

"It's so crazy how all this happened," Rehwinkel said. "I was going through post production of all their photos. I took that picture and I posted it on my Facebook fan page because it was such a special detail from their wedding. A random fan, in a different city and different state, loved it and posted it on the Reddit account."

The photo has now gone viral since it was posted to Reddit on Nov. 27, and the couple couldn't be happier to prove that nothing is more romantic than putting pen to paper.

"He's very romantic. He still writes me notes from time to time," Cathy said.