The Many Talents of Tillman the Dog

Tillman may be a dog who waddles on all fours, barks not talks and eats his food in a bowl off the floor but, when it comes to daredevil sports, he might as well be human.

The English bulldog has become a world phenomenon for his skateboarding, snowboarding and skimboarding skills.  And he plays tetherball and soccer, too.

In 2010 Tillman, a solid 60-pounds, set the world record for the Fastest Skateboarding Dog.  If he looks familiar, it may be because you recognize him from the 2012 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., where the California native rocked his very own float.

Tillman's many talents are no secret thanks to his appearances on "Animal Planet" and "National Geographic," and even a cameo in an iPhone ad.  The pup shot to fame through the Internet, where his videos on YouTube have more than 8 million views.

And it all started when the pup, who favors apples to keep his energy high, was put on a skateboard by his owner, Ron Davis, at just nine-months-old.