Katie Holmes Defines Herself on Her Own Terms

ABC News' Amy Robach and Matt Knox report:

Pictures of a stylish Katie Holmes have been splashed everywhere since she announced her split from superstar husband Tom Cruise. It turns out those photos were a clue to one of her big moves forward.

Donning the covers of two magazines since her public break up, Holmes appears to be wearing divorce well. And now her fashion line is taking off, just like her career.

Holmes, 33, is taking full advantage of her post-divorce publicity, highlighting her role as a rising style icon by gracing the September issue of Los Angeles based “C” Magazine, revealing a more sexy, confident look.

In the interview conducted a day before she announced she was divorcing Cruise, Holmes speaks of her strategy for the future.

“I'm ready to take on some more challenging roles,” Holmes told the magazine.”I feel like I worked so much at such a young age that I really wanted to have life experiences. I feel more balanced and like I have more to bring to the table.”

Holmes, who launched the ready-to-wear line “Holmes and Yang” in 2009 with stylist Jeanne Yang, is pictured inside the magazine rocking elegant looks from her latest collection. And the actress-turned-designer is set to launch her first runway show this fall at New York Fashion Week.

"I think women want to feel sexy but they don't want anyone to know they're trying,” Holmes said in the interview. Editor of “C” Magazine Jenny Murray said, “When we spoke to Katie Holmes, she was excited about her future. She definitely had a plan and she knew that going forward she would want to put her energy into her fashion line and upcoming movie projects."

But Holmes isn’t just gracing magazine covers. Producers announced Thursday she would be making her return to the Great White Way this fall, starring in the new Broadway play “Dead Accounts.”

Her movie career seems to be back on track as well. Holmes is set to begin filming “Molly” later this month, centered on a single mother and her daughter, a project she is producing and co-wrote.

And she was spotted earlier this month after taping an appearance as a guest judge on “Project Runway,” again donning one of her own designs.

Merle Ginsberg, senior writer at “The Hollywood Reporter,” said Holmes should take advantage of this exciting time.

“Katie Holmes has never had a more exciting time in her life, in terms of her career,” Ginsberg said. “She's doing it all. She's got money behind her, she's got looks, she's got talent, she's got fame. This is it, strike while the iron is incredibly hot.”

Industry experts say Holmes’ divorce and the manner in which she handled it are shining a light onto anything she does at this moment. Customers will likely want to purchase her fashion label not only for its style, they added, but also because they respect how she appeared to handle what could have been a messy situation with such ease and poise.