Jonathan Adler's 5 Tips for Glamorous Holiday Decorations

Jonathan Adler's 5 Tips for Glamorous Holiday Decorations (ABC News)

'Tis the season to be merry with friends and family, but don't settle for the same-old, same-old decorations at your holiday gathering this year. Take your decorations up a notch with these inventive tips from celebrity designer Jonathan Adler.

Adler, the author of "100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life," has wowed the home decor world with his fabulous and functional designs of everything from throw pillows to candles to lamps, and will make your decorations look like a million bucks and the envy of family, friends and neighbors.

When it comes to holiday decorating, Adler says follow these five decorating tips.

1. Get Luxe

A lot of people rely on the same, pre-made Christmas stockings, but one way to really make your mantelpiece pop Adler says is to buy velvet and craft your own stockings in a rich jewel tone. Velvet adds a feeling of luxury and the homemade stocking serves as conversation piece.

When you're buying velvet for the stockings, get some extra fabric in the same color or a complementary color for the tree skirt. It will tie the room together, he says.

2. Get Glitzy

Modernize your centerpiece with a gold, silver and white color palate. Adler says a selection of accessories in these luxurious colors serves as a non-traditional, modern centerpiece. Shop around your home for an interesting-shaped bottle in that color scheme or pick up inexpensive accessories and use silver spray paint to transform them.

3. Get the Miracle Color

Turquoise is Adler's miracle color. A rug or accessories in teal add a splash of luxury and rich color to your home. Shop for teal trinkets or take some teal ribbon and tie it in bows to make eye-catching napkin rings.

4. Get a Chandelier

Every home needs a chandelier, Adler says. A sparkly chandelier is great for the holidays, but adds sparkle all year round.

Add sparkle to one above the table by hanging silver balls from it on fishing wire.

5. Get Some Personalized Bling on Your Holiday Table

Place cards are the perfect way to add bling to your holiday table, Adler says, and some cheeky fun. Print a photo of your guest, mount it to card, add a glitter mustache or lips or cheeks or jewelry, pop in a place card holder and put on their plate!

Creative place cards are simple but add that something extra to a holiday gathering. Guests can take them home as a memento of the fantastic celebration, Adler says.

Extra Tip: How to Make Your Own Cards

Making your own cards is a labor of love that your recipients will really appreciate. You can take it a step further by hand-carving a stamp and stamping those cards for extra personalization.

Items you will need: No. 2 pencil, "LOVE" template (or other personalized template), tracing paper, tape, ruler, 4? square Speedball Speedy-Carve carving blog, bone folder or small spoon, linoleum cutter with different tips, craft knife, inkpad or block printing ink and roller, scrap paper, blank cards.

The steps:

1. Put a piece of tracing paper over the personalized template. Take it down and trace around all the black items with your pencil.

2. With the pencil lines facing down, put the tracing paper on the carving block exactly where you want it. Hold it in place and rub the back with the bone folder or spoon. Go over all the lines with your template to make sure everything transfers. When you lift the paper, you'll see that the image has transferred backwards onto your block. That's okay; this is how it should be.

3. Now you're ready to carve your block (be careful, and ALWAYS cut away from yourself, with a steady hand and keeping an even pressure on the block). Start with a fine tip to outline all the letters first, and then move onto to a wider one to scoop out the spaces in between. For finishing touches and detail work, go back to using the fine tip.

4. After you've finished the carving, wash your stamp with warm water and soap to remove any crumbs of rubber left behind. Dry your block completely on a cloth or paper towel.

5. Place your stamp face-up on your work surface and apply the ink by pressing your inkpads evenly all over the surface by using an inked roller.

6. Make a few test prints by pressing the block firmly into the scrap paper.

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