Former CNN Executive Caught Putting Dog Doo in Neighbor's Mailbox

The former president of CNN's Headline News almost found himself in deep doo-doo after he was caught on camera placing a bag filled with dog excrement in a neighbor's mailbox last week.

Bob Furnad was seemingly oblivious to the surveillance camera capturing him and his dog as  he looked up his neighbor's driveway, then shoved a plastic baggie into their mailbox.

Hours later Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller discovered just what he'd left behind. Dameron said that he was "shocked" to discover what was in the bag.

"We cannot figure out why he did it," Dameron said. "At this point we really don't care why he did it … You know it was a silly thing to do, and were over it. I mean it's just a silly prank."

Dameron, 71, said that the prank that you'd expect from a teen came from Furnad, who is also a respected professor at the University of Georgia.

Furnad, who was head of CNN Headline News until 2001, admitted to the act to police and local media, but did not apologize.

"This was an immature act in response to years of malicious rumor mongering that I consider defamation of character," he told he told the Covington News.

Dameron and Miller have lived in Worthington Manor, a historic home in the quiet, upscale Georgia town of Covington for more than two decades. They say they haven't spoken to Furnad in years, and that any feud is news to them.

But nasty neighbor run-ins like this are all too common - and thanks to ever-present surveillance cameras, it's now easier to catch people in the act, and anyone can find these clips on YouTube.

A Houston man captured his neighbor - who is a sitting judge - keying his car. And in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a neighbor left Steve Miller not just one bag of dog doo-doo - but dozens.

"I noticed there was another ten bags in there, and I knew I had a problem," Miller said.

Back in Covington, Furnad was fined $181 for littering … and though they certainly could, these neighbors have opted not to sue.

"I think this is embarrassing enough for him, as well as everyone in Covington," Dameron said.