Father-Daughter Recreate Wedding Dance Live On ‘Good Morning America’

How do you top the memory of the father-daughter dance at your wedding? How about one that’s been deemed the best ever and is now a viral sensation?

You put your wedding gown back on and recreate it on live TV in the heart of Times Square.

That’s exactly what Texas bride Ashley Richmond did when she appeared on “ Good Morning America” Friday with her father, David Sparks, to perform the four-and-a-half minute dance that stole the show at her wedding.

It all began last August when the wedding guests and her now-husband, Nicholas, settled in to watch what they thought would be the typical emotional dance between the bride and her dad.


What they got instead was a well choreographed show.

Starting with the Temptations classic “My Girl,” Richmond and her dad coordinated their moves to a total of 10 different songs, each one more outrageous and more surprising than the next.

While their guests and bridal party, seen in the background of the video, were clearly shocked, there was nothing spontaneous about the dance at all.

“We practiced about twice a week for a month-and-a-half,” Richmond, a Houston-based accountant, said on “GMA.”

Their hard work resulted with a jaw-dropping routine that included the duo performing everything from the robot dance to the signature dance of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back” to swaying to Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie.”

“It was a combined effort,” Sparks said.  “I wanted to mix old school with new school, and I was the old school and she was the new school.”

But even an “old school” dad like Sparks knew there was one “new school” song their dance would not be complete without — so they saved that song for their dramatic finale.

“‘Single Ladies’ we put in at the end,” Sparks said, referring to the hit single by Beyonce. “We needed a show stopper at the end and that was it.”

And it was also dad who came up with the final pose that saw him pointing to the diamond on his daughter’s left hand.

“He came up with the ring part,” Richmond said.  “We had to put Beyonce in there.”

With father and daughter in the wedding spotlight, what about the groom?

Don’t worry, he was in on the whole thing.

“He was excited,” Richmond said of Nicholas, who was in Times Square to watch his wife and father-in-law steal the show once again.  “He was at every practice with us, helping us.”