WATCH: Two-Year-Old Elephant Plays Soccer

A two-year Asian elephant named Donna has become the star attraction at the U.K.’s ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, wowing visitors with her fancy footwork.

The elephant uses her trunk to kick the ball around the field, and stays active by running around with her keeper Elizabeth Becker.

Donna showed off her skills as the zoo prepares to host the Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps, an outdoor event for families with games and farm-themed activities which kicks off this weekend.

Donna is one of nine elephants at the zoo and officials say playing with the ball helps to create a bond between the elephants and their keepers and encourage them to run and play at a young age.

Donna’s not the only animal who’s got game. If you missed it, check out some of our other favorite amazing animals: Shanthi, the musically-inclined elephant who can play the harmonica, or Norman, the Briard who can ride a scooter, and who can forget, Tillman the Bulldog who’s world famous for his surfing and skateboarding skills.

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