Deer Makes Smashing Entrance Into New Jersey Goodwill Store: Video

Shoppers at a New Jersey Goodwill store got more than they bargained for when a deer smashed through the second-hand store’s glass doors and let loose inside.

The daring deer’s wild escapade was caught on camera by security cameras inside the Woodbury Heights branch of the national chain on Saturday.

Goodwill officials told the Gloucester County Times there were actually four deer roaming the store’s parking lot that day, but just one had the  courage, or confusion, to break into the store.

“I was in the back room when I heard a lot of commotion,” said Victor Santucci, a Goodwill regional manager who was in the store. “I thought it might be a car coming into the store.”

In the video, the deer appears just as shocked as the store’s shoppers to find himself inside among clothing racks and shelves full of goods.

It dashed to the back of the store as customers scrambled before eventually being ushered out a back door with the help of employees.

The entire episode lasted less than three minutes.  No customers were hurt.

The deer seemed to make it out of the store unharmed as well, but not before leaving a toppled glass display case and the shattered front, glass door in its wake.

Also left in its wake are questions of why deer were roaming in the parking lot of a busy retail area less than 15 miles from Philadelphia.

“It’s really odd because that store doesn’t back up to any woods,” said Juli Lundberg, a spokesperson for the Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.

“It came out of nowhere,” she said.