Death-Defying Beagle Visits ‘GMA’


He’s stared death in the eye once before and lived to bark about it … but could Daniel the miracle dog survive a morning at the “GMA” studio?

The 5-month-old beagle, who survived being euthanized in Alabama earlier this month, stopped by the set to spend some time with Dan Harris and Lara Spencer. He was joined by Linda Schiller, founder and president of Eleventh Hour Rescue, the organization that is helping find him a permanent home.

As you can see from the photos, Dan and Lara immediately took to Daniel, as did the rest of the GMA crew. And it’s not just us. According to Linda, hundreds of people who have written the Eleventh Hour website asking to adopt him. In the first day alone, over 200 people wrote in to offer up their homes.


What is little Daniel looking for in an adopted family? Linda says he loves his foster “brothers” in his current home, so a family with other pets is a plus. And as you could see on air, he has energy to spare. His new family will have to be able to keep up!

Linda says she is glad Daniel is bringing attention to her organization and to the plight of the many rescued dogs in the United States who are looking for a home.  She hopes Daniel’s time on “GMA” will not only help get him adopted but other dogs as well.

Are you interested in adopting Daniel or another rescued dog?  For more information, visit Eleventh Hour Rescue