Dad Creates Time-Lapse Video Showing Mom What Really Happens While She's Away

When Mommy is away, Dad and son will play.

And if your dad works in the video production business, that playtime gets filmed, turned into a time-lapse video and instantly goes viral.

Emio Tomeoni, 30, of Kansas City, Mo., works odd hours and often finds himself at home during the day with his 21-month-old son, Xavier. He would always tell his wife, Stephanie Ramos, 31, about the adventures he'd had with his son that day, but really wanted her to see it rather than just hear about it.

"We both have perfect jobs, but our hours are completely upside down," Tomeoni told "She's night side, I work regular hours. Her off days are weird. We're making all these adjustments. We didn't have a solid day care yet, so I'm taking weird days off and I end up at home with our son in the daytime a lot. And it's great.

"Me and him alone, progressively, I got obsessed with getting him toys," he said. "So I kept telling her how our days went, saying, 'This place was a wreck, a disaster. We played all day.' And then she'd walk in and it would be spotless."

Tomeoni knew his wife would come home stressed after a long day at work. Therefore, he would always do his best to have the house cleaned so it would be comfortable for her by the time she got there.

However, the house would be so clean that his stories about all their elaborate playtime in the living room were hard to believe. So, he decided, "I'm just going to stick a camera in the corner one day and just film the process."

The video not only resonated with his wife, but thousands of people on the Internet, also. Since it was originally posted on Dec. 23, it has already surpassed 10,000 views on YouTube.

"I do a lot of videos for my wife. She loves them. They're a little personal glimpse into our life. I wanted to show her something to make her smile," Tomeoni said.

Never in a million years did Tomeoni think he'd gain this much recognition - some viewers even called him "father of the year" - for a simple video he created of a fun afternoon with his son.

"It was really odd. I looked at it when I was done with it, and my thought was, 'My wife is going to love this - mainly because the house was clean at the end of the day and I changed his diaper.' That was my initial thought," said Tomeoni. "But after I got some random feedback, it seemed like it could be big."

Tomeoni thinks the video has gotten so much attention because it's truly universal. No words are necessary, and everyone can understand a father's love for his son.

"All you ever want to do is show people who you really are. You can't do that with words. You can't tell people who you are. You have to show them. And it takes time," Tomeoni said. "I wanted to show my wife what she already knows, but now she's seen."