Couple Creates Silver Screen-Themed Wedding Posters

Couple Creates Silver Screen-Themed Wedding Posters

When photographer Joshua Watson and video producer Rachel Van Der Merwe were planning their June 1 wedding, they decided to use their professional talents to add a little creativity to their invites.

With the help of photographer Jordan Nakamura, they remade film and television posters with each poster starring themselves as the lead roles, with clever wordplay in the title such as "Reception" instead of "Inception," "Casablanca" became "California," and "Walk the Line" turned into "Walk the Aisle."

The project took six months to complete, and the final images were used as DVD covers, which were sent to all guests in place of traditional paper invitations. The images look so much like the originals they are even popping up in Google image searches for the actual posters.

"It was fun shooting with these two playing roles in some of their favorite films and television shows," Nakamura said on his website.

The happy couple, from La Mirada, Calif., is currently honeymooning in France.

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