Bo Obama, the First Dog, Behaving Badly

Mary Bruce
Bo Obama, the First Dog, Behaving Badly (ABC News)
Bo Obama, the First Dog, Behaving Badly (ABC News)

Chuck Kennedy/The White House

The First Dog has a demanding schedule. Between media appearances, official White House duties, and chasing birds, like most dogs, Bo Obama apparently enjoys a little mischief.

The famous Portuguese Water dog had an unexpected cameo on television yesterday, sprinting behind a Univision reporter's shot on the White House South Lawn.

To be fair, the reporter was positioned on the dog's regular stomping ground. Bo is often seen playing on the South Lawn and his chew toys have been be spotted left behind in the well-manicured lawn.

Bo didn't just crash the shot, he also stopped by to say hello to the reporters who visited the White House Monday to interview the president. Anchor Terri Gruca from ABC's Austin, Texas, affiliate KVUE reported the three-year old dog was "super sweet."

While Bo lives an arguably charmed life, he also has a full plate of responsibilities.

Bo is currently headlining the trailer for the upcoming Easter Egg roll, following his smash hit in last year's Christmas decorations. He has also recently appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Add that to his busy schedule of walks, feedings and occasional surprise visits with tourists and it's no wonder the pooch needs to blow off some steam occasionally.

Monday's incident was not the first time the dog has been known to misbehave. In 2010, Bo tried to steal the show when the First Lady brought him along to White House event, barking incessantly.

ABC News' Jake Tapper caught up with Bo at the White House today, but, not surprisingly, the famous pup had no comment on his alleged disobedience.