Behind the Scenes of Jub Jub’s Visit to ‘GMA’

We’ve had a lot of amazing dogs come through the “GMA” doors. But few were as big of a draw (and as slobbery!) as Jub Jub, the dog who can balance almost anything on his nose.

Josh Elliott spent the better part of a day planning what we could balance on the puppy’s nose and soliciting ideas from the entire staff. A ukelele, a cutout of Sam Champion’s head, Lara Spencer’s high heels, a “GMA” mug, a pinata, a sombrero and a laptop all made the list. But once someone joked on-air about whether Jub Jub  could balance the budget, “GMA” twitter fans clamored to see him do it.

And we wanted to oblige. So somewhere between our 8 a.m. “hellos” and the start of our 8:30 segment, our ace senior line producer jogged in her Louboutins to the props department and scrambled to pull together a mock budget. Sure enough by 8:30 a.m., Jub Jub was balancing a budget — if not, the budget — on his nose

Of course, having a wonder dog on your show doesn’t come without a few hiccups. The props department was quick to point out that “everyone thinks its so fun to book a great dog, but they’re not the ones cleaning the hair off the couch.” That’s true.

There was also the issue of Jub Jub and Robin Roberts’ stuffed Angry Bird. He really, really wanted wanted to chew on the stuffed animal. Jub Jub won that match. In fact, the bird now needs surgery.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma of all, at least in Jub Jub’s mind, came to the location of his final balancing act. He was unintentionally positioned right next to where we were filming a segment with the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.  It was all the delicious smelling cupcakes cost Jub Jub his concentration.

Jub Jub wasn’t perfect in his balancing attempts and he didn’t get to try the Cake Boss’ treats. But he did get a cannoli as soon as we were off the air.

And if you missed Jub Jub’s performance on Wednesday’s show, check it out below: